Hotels, restaurants struggle to accommodate guests without water

Lee Molock and Kelly Morgan are visiting the city from Sarasota, Florida.
"It was kind of hard, there was no shower.
The NOPSI Hotel in the CBD is also having problems.
"Showers are, you know the pressure’s not there," LeMarie said.
Amato added the water pressure is too low to run the dishwasher at Mother’s, so customers are using plastic plates and utensils.
There was a run on bottled water at area grocery stores because of the boil order.
"People are taking it off the cart, like while, I’m putting it up," Paulson said.
"I didn’t have to put up most of these (bottles)."
"I’ve got a job going on in Lakeshore, so I’m going to bring some water to the guys," grocery customer Toni Wendell said.
People are not only drinking bottled water, they are also using it to brush their teeth and cook and some folks we spoke with are actually bathing with bottled water.

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