Hotspots H2O, January 16: Drought Continues to Hinder Kenya

The Global Rundown Consecutive years of failed rains continue to plague Kenya.
U.S. lawmakers urge President Trump to include climate change in his national security strategy.
Street vendors riot in Lusaka, Zambia, as the government shuts down stalls in an effort to contain a cholera outbreak.
Ethiopia seeks to ease tensions with Egypt over concerns about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.
Thousands in Somalia are homeless after security forces destroy aid camps.
“I was a farmer but I lost everything to the drought and I cannot go back now because the security situation is terrible there.
By The Numbers 106 Number of U.S. representatives, representing nearly a quarter of the House, who urged President Trump to reconsider the exclusion of climate change in his national security strategy.
70 Number of people who have died in Zambia following a three month outbreak of cholera.
Al Jazeera Science, Studies, And Reports A report by the Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) states that consecutive years of failed rains have left millions in Kenya in need of food, and the situation is unlikely to change in 2018.
However, long rains are expected to be at least average in the western and central areas of Kenya.

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