How Are Commercial Water Bottlers Preparing For Water Crisis?

Commercial, bottled drinking water has been become a major trend that has gained big-business momentum in South Africa in recent years.
However, as "Day Zero" approaches in Cape Town – the day, hopefully still to be avoided, on which water will no longer flow from the city’s taps – many people, understandably, are considering stocking up on bottled water.
Some people are really catching the "gees" of saving water.
Thank you Pattendens — and especially for sharing your ideas.
Local brand Henties, founded in 1998, is best known for its fruit juice, but it also produces still water.
Founder and CEO Hentie de Wet said that with city’s taps soon to run dry, they are well equipped and would not be running out of water to bottle.
Hentie said that the company has now taken to sourcing its water from a mountain in a farm in Worcester, which added to their expenses, but is working in their favour – as they will be able to bottle and sell water regardless of the dire situation in the city.
The company is also working closely with Cape Town’s water-demand management team.
Urquhart said that the company was using less water in its operations, too.
Production has been extended, so that water can be saved with fewer cleaning cycles.

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