How small social enterprises tackle drought challenges in East Africa

The drought affects all the communities we work with under the Safe Water Enterprise project, which stretches across large parts of the country.
An operator runs the kiosk, maintains the technology, and works with the management team to ensure sustainability.
Of course, kiosk operations are affected when water availability changes, and most water sources depend on rainfall.
Those using water from dams and rivers struggle when the levels drop significantly, making the water more turbid.
We’ve had to install pre-filters in some of the kiosks to deal with increased sludge.
One of our most recent kiosks, in Howa Mwana in Kwale County, is using water from a dam.
We never thought this dam would dry out, and over the past year, it was the last dam in the entire region still holding water.
But after 9 months without rain and a growing demand from the surrounding communities, the dam eventually dried out, and the kiosk had to close.
On a positive note, the kiosks that remained open throughout the dry months have been able to provide even more people with safe drinking water, as people come from further afield to buy water in times of severe drought.
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