Improvement of water supply for the Qinabout community

THE new vision of our municipality stipulates that by the year 2035, the district municipality will provide adequate access to basic services in an efficient and sustainable manner, enhancing the quality of its citizens in an inclusive progressive economy.
We also deliver services guided by a mission that says that as a water services authority, we will ensure that all our communities have access to quality drinking water, decent sanitation and sustainable economic opportunities underpinned by the active participation of our citizens in exemplary government.
Over the years, our municipality has made remarkable progress in the delivery of water and sanitation services.
However, we cannot stay still at the comfort of these achievements as voices of our communities are still echoing.
Our efforts to expand and improve the access of our services to our communities continue.
It is therefore against this background of our efforts to improve water supply and sanitation services that we have implemented a water supply improvement project for the Qinabout, Thembelihle and Chibini areas in the outskirts of the Gamalakhe area.
This upgrade process commenced in the first week of February and is scheduled to be completed by the end of March.
These communities have been experiencing frequent supply interruptions due to these communities not having formal reticulation.
In the interim, we have put up approximately eight static tanks on different sites for relief supply while work continues to upgrade the pipeline for supply improvement.
We also call for the community’s patience and co-operation while this process unfolds.

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