Initiatives to Improve Access to Water in LatAm

Initiatives to Improve Access to Water in LatAm.
Stockholm, Aug 31 (Prensa Latina) Several initiatives to improve access to water in Latin America and the Caribbean stand out in an event taking place in this capital up to September 1st.
The program called Mesoamerica Sin Hambre (Middle America without Hunger) is currently implemented in countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Panama, helping communities to take advantage of rain water to use it as a source of drinkable and harmless water to use it for irrigation in times of drought.
The FAO’s website reports the organization also supports communities of Bolivia and the Dominican Republic so that they use rainwater.
‘With a minimum of economic investment, we can guarantee the access to drinking water and improve the quality of life of the vulnerable communities.
The access to water is a human right’, assures Marcos Rodr√≠guez, coordinator of the program Middle America without Famine in Colombia.
The FAO and the International Institute for Management of Water released in the event that takes place in this capital the conclusions of a study on the last scientific investigations on the contamination of water on a global scale from a food and agricultural perspective.
The farms unload large numbers of agrochemical products, organic matters, residues of medicines, sediments and saline drainage, adds FAO.
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognizes the importance of the quality of water and includes a specific target for its conservation.
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