Is all this rain helping our drought?

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HARTFORD — Rain can be a good thing, even though it’s often looked at as a negative.
Water levels at reservoirs across the state are looking more impressive than they did a few months ago.
Our unusually dry conditions developed into a moderate drought over the summer, then it was upgraded to severe and even extreme.
At one point, 44.5 percent of the state was in "extreme drought" conditions, which makes it the worst drought in Connecticut in at least 20 years.
Droughts can be detrimental to our health, as you might imagine.
Luckily for us, an active winter brought major relief.
Several storms cut our drought from extreme, to severe, and with this week’s rainstorms, it appears we may finally be cutting down to a moderate drought.
In the short term, flooding may be a concern, but in the long term, this rain will be celebrated, as it’ll help to alleviate our drought.

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