Is Bottled Water Bad For Your Teeth?

Is Bottled Water Bad For Your Teeth?.
Consumption of bottled water in Australia is on the rise: fact.
But there’s another question we should be asking about bottled water, and that’s what it’s doing to our teeth.
"When it comes to bottled water, what I can say is there has been an increase in the amount of decay we are seeing in children — so kids who still have their baby teeth.
But it’s not just bottled water.
Lots of kids are having more sweet drinks, more fruit juices, and that contributes as well.
It’s also worth pointing out drinking tap water is not our only source of fluoride, with some foods being sources of fluoride as well as man-made products such as fluoride toothpastes.
This creates what Ho refers to as the ‘halo effect’, meaning even without the primary source of fluoridated drinking water, children and adults alike are still being exposed to fluoride depending on their diet and dental hygiene practices.
So [a decline in fluoride] wouldn’t necessarily translate into an increase in decay in adult teeth.
As the tooth is developing, you can expect adults to have more incidence of decay as well.

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