It’s official: drought conditions continue to worsen

In the Quad Cities, it’s been more than a month since we’ve seen a quarter inch of rainfall.
While Autumn tends to be the driest season in our part of the world, what’s happened late this Summer does not set the optimum stage for what’s next.
Areas in Southeastern Iowa are in the most severe level of drought.
Around Ottumwa, the drought has gone into the "extreme" category.
The change from last week to this week is the addition of almost all of Northern Illinois and Eastern Iowa into "abnormally dry" conditions.
Decent amounts of rain back in late July and early August have kept much of western Missouri, Minnesota, and Wisconsin out of the drought.
Corn has already formed its kernels and is in a drying stage.
In a recent talk with farmers in Jo Daviess County, I learned more about the need for good soil moisture in the Fall.
By the time the ground is locked-up with frost, it’s imperative the soil contains enough moisture to supply early growth next Spring.
We have also been watching area gardens.

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