It’s official: Drought is over — for now

The drought is over for almost all of Colorado.
"Water providers have no immediate concerns and expect reservoirs to fill."
That is a dramatic change from three months ago when eastern Colorado was in the grip of one of the worst droughts in recent memory.
It looked to be a long, hot summer.
While Logan and Phillips counties smoldered, the Denver Post was reporting that drought conditions were worsening over the eastern third of the state.
By late March the drought had spread to the entire I-25 corridor, and fire departments there were dispatching SCAT trucks with almost every call, just in case.
For eastern Colorado basins, Fenimore said, snowpack remains abnormally high for this time of year, and abnormal amounts of moisture in May have helped to end drought conditions here.
Climatologists caution, however, that the reprieve is temporary.
Beyond the fact that average temperatures will go up, however, there’s little agreement in exactly how much impact there will be.
"In all parts of Colorado, no consistent long-term trends in annual precipitation have been detected," the report said.

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