It’s time for Iowa Legislature to fix Dakota Pipeline flaws

Flaw 1: An unelected three-person board called the Iowa Utilities Board approved the permit giving Dakota Access the “right” to take private property from farmers and put their unwanted crude oil pipeline through their land.
Flaw 2: Through the most contorted logic, the IUB said that Dakota Access’ crude oil pipeline met the test of “public convenience and necessity."
When you threaten the very necessities of life, especially water, there is no sane way to argue that a crude oil pipeline is safe or a necessity.
The Iowa Legislature should clarify that “public convenience and necessity” does not include anything that threatens public health and the environment.
Flaw 3: The IUB gave the power of eminent domain to Dakota Access to take the land of farmers and other landowners against their will.
If a corporation such as Dakota Access wants to site their pipeline, they should get permission and the prior agreement of the landowners.
Flaw 4: The IUB had no enforcement mechanisms to ensure Dakota Access kept its promises.
Then there were the construction flaws.
Dakota Access was prohibited from doing construction in wet conditions.
The Iowa Legislature must pass legislation that specifies if the pipeline leaks and contaminates any water, the permit will be revoked.

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