Jackson residents frustrated over water crisis

You will probably find bottled water in just about every home around town as residents cope with the water woes.
On Barnes Street in South Jackson, neighbors are also dealing with a water main break and that hit them with a double whammy.
It is a problem that left neighbors with little or no water pressure and a big mess.
“It was like a pool in a span of three days.
It was really bad.
They had to walk sideways two are three homes to get out of their driveways,” said a resident on Barnes Street.
Residents in Jackson not dealing leaks on their streets, yards and driveways woke up to the surprising news they had to boil their water and they were not happy about it.
“Well, if you don’t get notice in time and you are not looking at TV, you can take a bath, brush your teeth cook with,” said a Jackson Resident.
“It is a real inconvenience, I hope you gets better.
Right now, it’s not good at all especially when you have to go out and by water,” said a resident on Barnes Street.

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