Jets’ title drought almost old enough for AARP … and no end in sight

They’ve gone 48 years without a Super Bowl and, honestly, I don’t know how many more years it will take to get back.
I thought the Jets had it right when they reached back-to-back AFC Championship Games under Rex Ryan.
The 2009 St. Louis Rams finished 1-15, drafted Sam Bradford with the first pick in 2010 … and still haven’t been to the playoffs.
They built a strong team around him and, by his third season, they were a playoff team.
By his fifth year, they were in the Super Bowl.
The Jets are far, far away from reaching that level.
Best-case scenario: Christian Hackenberg finishes the season entrenched as the starting quarterback and some of the key picks from Mike Maccagnan’s first three drafts establish themselves as ascending starters.
The more likely scenario: They end the year without a clear-cut answer at quarterback, draft one in 2018 and endure another year of growing pains.
The Jets haven’t won the division since 2002.
Not coincidentally, that’s the last time their starting quarterback posted a 100 passer rating — Chad Pennington, 104.2.

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