After concluding the cause to be unsafe water, a brave Jostna did what it took to prevent her other children from suffering as well.
“I refuse to accept any more sickness in my family,” said Jostna, a 56-year-old wife and mother of five living in Bangladesh.
You see, not until recently did the family have access to safe water or a private toilet at home.
For years the family got their water from various, unreliable sources; ponds, streams, hand-dug wells, and nearby drainage canals.
Open defecation eventually led the family to build a toilet at home.
Between unsafe water and poor hygiene, Jostna’s son became severely ill.
The doctor recommended Jostna install a deep tubewell at home to prevent any more water-borne illness in the home.
WaterCredit empowers the poor to take hold of their water and sanitation crisis, and put an end to it.
Jostna is now working with’s partner in Bangladesh to construct her own tap at home.This will put the needed resources into her home immediately, freeing her and her husband to work and focus on their children.

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