Just a Drop hails Tui for securing safe water in Kenya’s Makueni County

Just a Drop hails Tui for securing safe water in Kenya’s Makueni County.
The project, which has impacted 6,661 people overall since concluding earlier this year, has seen safe water secured for teachers and pupils at Kilili Secondary School and Mukimwani Primary School in Makueni County through the construction of a water storage tank at each location.
The partnership, set up in 2015 to oversee the creation of self-help groups in Kenya, has provided an extra water storage tank to the two, built through the Syumbe village rock catchment project, which has enabled the village to develop a communal agricultural development shamba (a cultivated plot of ground) to improve food security.
The tanks will help to harvest rainfall from sloping rocks above, via a system of guttering and pipes and will produce water used for drinking, cooking, washing and farming.
Fiona Jeffery, founder and chairman of Just a Drop, told TTG the travel industry in general had been an “incredibly generous supporter” of Just a Drop and “vital to the charity’s development”.
She said: “Our work with Tui has been a programme of continuous development, first providing access to local clean water supply and ultimately creating sufficient water storage.
We have developed a longer-term food security programme which will lead to growing crops and selling the excess crops at market.
“Tui’s kind funding has led to reliable, clean and sustainable water, which has transformed and regenerated the communities and enabled children to spend more time at school getting an education.” Just a Drop revealed that it is currently working with Tui to deliver their seventh project together.

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