Karnataka seeks Rs 2,434 cr for drought relief from Centre

During severe drought and devastating floods between July and August, the state registered a loss amounting to Rs 16,662.48 crore.
In its memorandum, the state government stated, “Karnataka has faced severe drought and devastating floods during Kharif 2018.
The field survey and ground truthing have reported 27.32 lakh ha (41 per cent of sown area) is drought affected.
The estimated loss due to agriculture and horticulture crop loss is Rs.16, 662.48 crore,” the statement read.
The Karnataka government also touched upon the issue of water levels in reservoirs, saying that this year the levels are better than the previous years.
Drinking water is being supplied through tankers to 159 villages, and 203 private bore-wells have been hired for drinking water purpose in rural areas.
If the dry spell continues, Goshalas and Fodder banks will be operated,” the document read.
1042.93 crores,” it said.
To ameliorate the economic condition of the farming community, especially small and marginal farmers, the state government has implemented “Crop Loan Waiver Scheme 2018.
50 crore @Rs.50 lakh per drought-affected taluk from State Fund to take up immediate drought relief work.

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