KDHE says community water could cause Cancer

We spent Tuesday speaking to residents about their concerns.
KDHE has come to Haysville on a few different occasions to talk to residents about the concerns but Tuesday the conversation shifted to what they plan on doing about it.
“We’ve had this project in the motion for a while,” said KDHE’s Bob Jurgens.
“We are spending just about 6 million dollars to rectify the issue.” About 240 properties in South Haysville are susceptible to the contaminated water and after speaking with Public works, we learned that ingesting this water could result in cancer.
At one point this, abandoned space was a dry cleaning business.
Now, it’s a space that some residents say, have left a bad taste in their mouth.” “It all started up there at that old dry cleaning spot,” said Haysville resident, Devon Cox.
“We have been working on this,” said Martinez.
Martinez says he is still waiting on 100 of those notifications to come back with permission to fix the problem.
“We are working to fix this but people have to check their mail and get back to us with the permission to work on their home,” he said.
Once all those tests are passed its put in service, then what KDHE does is start installing water lines from the meters to the house.” KDHE will be paying for this process and has already completely changed the water installation in one home.

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