Kentucky Community Hopes Trump Infrastructure Plan Will Fix Water System

As President Trump promises major investment in infrastructure, people across the country are hoping that includes spending on water pipes for drinking.
Flint, Mich., was a high-profile example of the many communities — like one in Eastern Kentucky — where people just can’t trust their water.
Josie Delong, a resident of the county, says she used to drink tap water until a doctor told her it could be the cause of her health issues.
" Now, she says she does all she can to avoid drinking from the tap.
The county water treatment plant needs serious upgrades, and the distribution pipes are so leaky that they lose more water than they deliver.
When the system is once again turned on, the water can be brown or black and very smelly.
When they find a leaky pipe, Hammond says all they can do is patch it up.
As the local coal industry has continued to decline, it’s only become more difficult to find money for infrastructure investments.
"That’s one of the problems with drinking water is that it’s underground — it’s hidden."
State and local officials say they’ll be looking out for any federal spending that could help rebuild trust in the county’s tap water.

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