Kenya: More Than 6000 Nairobi Residents Get Access Fluoride-Free Water

The firm, dubbed the Dow Chemical Company (Dow) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID collaborated with the Little Sisters of St. Francis (LSOSF)to commissions installation of a system that will help remove fluoride in drinking water sources in the area.
It is estimated that 20 million Kenyans suffer from teeth and bone fluorosis as a result.
In urban areas, a large population depends on boreholes water that often contains high fluoride levels.
"Through the collaboration with Dow and Little Sisters, we have managed to address the immediate challenge of the water services and the quality of water within the institution and the wider community.
This project allowed us come together to find a way to solve a major challenge that could not be resolved without collaboration," said Joe Sanders, USAID/ KIWASH chief of party.
USAID’s WASH project (KIWASH) is a $50 million investment by USAID and the American people in Kenya’s health and prosperity.
The integrated approach contributes to the fight against extreme poverty by providing safe water to reduce illnesses that cripple productivity and building household and community well-being and prosperity.
Dow has one of the strongest and broadest toolkits in the industry, with robust technology, asset integration, scale and competitive capabilities that enable it to address complex global issues.
Dow’s market-driven, industry-leading portfolio of advanced materials, industrial intermediates, and plastics businesses deliver a broad range of differentiated technology-based products and solutions for customers in high-growth markets such as packaging, infrastructure, and consumer care.
Dow and USAID will offer training to various engineers on site, to ensure the sustainability of the project.

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