Kenyan Catholic university campaign aids drought-stricken communities

Kenyan Catholic university campaign aids drought-stricken communities.
NAIROBI, Kenya (CNS) — Students at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa joined faculty and staff to raise money and collect food for people living in Kenya’s drought-stricken communities.
In the process, the students learned that even a small donation could go a long way to ease the threat of starvation facing thousands of people in arid parts of the country.
Karen Rono, 20, a third-year law student, contributed $50 to the cause, enough to buy several sacks of corn or rice.
Another law student, Nelson Ng’ang’a, 20, said that seeing images in various media of suffering people motivated him to support the effort.
Mbae sent the first truckload of food and supplies April 7 from the university’s main campus, known as Langata, waving a school flag as students watched.
“This year, the university chose to be in solidarity with our brothers and sisters affected by the drought,” he said.
“This was in response to the call by the Catholic bishops and the government.
“I have managed to raise money that has afforded me to purchase two sacks maize (corn) flour.
I thank God for this,” said Esther Wambui, 22, who is studying law.

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