L.A.’s Tap Water Is Officially As Clean As Bottled Water

You’ve no doubt heard it before: "L.A.’s water is terrible."
Usually, it’s a transplant throwing the shade, complaining that the water in their [insert home city] is "so much cleaner."
Well, now there’s a little science to throw back at all the L.A. water haters: tap water in Los Angeles is just as clean and healthy — if not better—than bottled water, or filtered water, says the LADWP.
The department’s annual Drinking Water Quality report has been released, detailing the city’s tap water.
What’s more, at half a cent per gallon, it’s a whole lot cheaper, too.
The improved taste and quality of our fair city’s drinking water is a result of a change in how we treat it.
Let’s back up: this is not to say all of Los Angeles’ water is zapped by UV light, or currently goes un-chlorinated or un-ammoniated.
We can say, however, that a second UV light treatment plant will be opening up in Granada Hills by 2020, further changing the ratio.
"LADWP’s major efforts to comply with these regulations include addressing its three remaining open reservoirs, enhancing the city’s water supply disinfection system with UV treatment, and changing the distribution system disinfectant from chlorine to chloramine."
Both chlorine and chloramine are approved disinfectants for use in drinking water by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the California Department of Health."

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