Lack of access to drinkable water for Fijians in rural areas

Fifty three per cent of Fiji’s population living in rural areas do not have access to proper drinking water.

originally posted on September 18, 2016


This has prompted the World Health Organization to donate thirteen Potatest and four Potalab kits to the Health Ministry which will be used to test the quality of drinking water in rural areas.

In his last address as Health Minister, Jone Usamate highlighted the lack of access to drinkable water.

Rural water drinking quality is a major issue in this country and I have come to realise this over the two years while being here. Water is a basic necessity for life and that is in making sure that our people can live well, stay well and get well.

Usamate says the portable kits donated by the World Health Organisation will enhance and strengthen the Ministry’s role in monitoring drinking water.

WHO and UNICEF are providing technical assistance towards a national water quality surveillance system.

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