Lead in Boothbay schools’ water drops to normal levels

There’s good news on the latest test results surrounding unsafe lead levels found in the water of both Boothbay Region schools.
In March, student Lillian Sherburne contacted Facilities and Transportation Director David Benner after surveying students who complained about the water’s taste.
Five water sources in the schools were identified as having higher-than-normal lead levels, prompting a shutdown of drinking and cooking water sources throughout both schools.
“It was strictly a fixture-based problem,” she said.
The summary page is included below.
Water/Lead Mitigation Summary Extensive cold water fixture testing and fixture inventory has been completed.
The schools have worked closely with Dirigo Engineering to establish Plans, Policies and Procedures for water testing moving forward.
Twenty-three fixtures will be replaced after school closes for the summer, including 12 new water fountains.
Testing procedures and plans will become part of (the) Boothbay region school Annual Maintenance Plan, will be revised and updated as needed, and will be reviewed at the end of year three.
King said the final costs for the testing, including bringing water into the school, fixture and fountain purchase, consulting fees and other charges will come in at around $30,000.

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