Local manufacturers to sell bottled water at Rs 12 per litre

KOCHI:The Kerala Bottled Water Manufacturers’ Association (KBWA) has decided to sell bottled water for Rs 12 per litre across the state.
The KBWA made an announcement in this regard at a press meet here on Thursday.The KBWA is the only association of bottled water manufacturers in the state.
It was following Finance Minister T M Thomas Isaac’s request the association decided to bring down the price of the bottled water.
“The current price reduction was considered following the implementation of GST.
The Finance Minister has been requesting us for a long time to cut down the price of water.
Around 100 local bottled water manufacturers in the state will sell water for Rs 12 per one litre bottle.
Of these, around 40 companies are international and national-level brands.
A government-backed company is also producing bottled water.
Around 100 companies which are part of our association will sell bottles for Rs 12 from April 2.
The government bottled water is being sold for Rs 10 per litre at selected outlets though the MRP printed on it is Rs 15 per litre.

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