Locals block road seeking drinking water supply

G. Udayagiri: Even though the government is pumping in crores of rupees into water supply projects, many towns and villages have no access to safe drinking water.
For example, take the case of G. Udayagiri in Gajapati district.
With no access to proper drinking water supply, life had come to a standstill for the residents in the town until they had decided to stage a road blockade Sunday to bring their plight to the notice of authorities.
While the whole State was celebrating ‘Makar Sankrathi’, the residents of the town were agitating for their basic right of drinking water.
According to the locals, every household in the town was connected to a water pipeline.
None has any clue to when it would begin.
The excuses have been going on for years.
“After repeated negligence by the officials concerned, we stood up and wanted to expose the irregularities of the officials concerned,” an agitating woman said.
The agitators relented after local sarpanch assured them to look into the irregularities in the supply of drinking water and take necessary steps.
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