Look at the Profound Difference Between California’s Drought and California Today

It’s a mid-level miracle, assisted by record rainfall earlier this year.
If you don’t believe me, just look at these before and after images.
Rivers that had shrunk to a trickle now fill the valleys they once carved out of the Earth.
Heck, even crispy brown fields of thirsty grass have become majestic green hills.
That means the risk of wildfires is down, and Californians can lighten up about water usage.
Of course, the relatively water-rich conditions of April do not necessarily mean that California is free from the risk of a future drought.
As Wired pointed out earlier this year, precipitation in the Golden State can fluctuate by as much as 50-percent on a yearly basis.
The effects of climate change could also make these fluctuations even more extreme.
God knows the Trump administration isn’t interested in doing anything about climate change.
Folsom Lake Marina (March 2014 vs. April 2017)

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