Low rainfall slaps Frederick County with five months of drought

Low rainfall slaps Frederick County with five months of drought.
Frederick County and central Maryland have been dry this winter, and officials are looking to traditionally wet months ahead to alleviate the drought.
The Maryland Department of the Environment placed central and western Maryland on a drought watch last Nov. 30 and began monitoring rainfall, stream flow, groundwater and reservoirs on a biweekly basis, said MDE spokesman Jay Apperson.
Central Maryland had 63 percent of its normal rainfall over the past 5 1/2 months.
Frederick County had a little more rain than its neighbors and is at 72 percent of normal rainfall.
MDE ranks drought conditions as normal, watch, warning or emergency.
The area’s drought status is expected to be removed soon, he wrote.
Stream flow and reservoir conditions are normal in central Maryland, Apperson said.
People can help conserve water by being aware of how bathroom, laundry and kitchen uses consume water, Apperson said.
Homeowners can also fix leaks and upgrade to more efficient fixtures.

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