Low water pressure affecting residents, businesses

Below freezing temperatures have affected Acadiana in a big way this week creating water issues in some parishes.
“I had to close down.
what if someone has to use the bathroom?,” said Tiffany Roy, Owner of La Beautique Shed Spa.
“I couldn’t wash the linens for work which I go through six towels per client so it adds up throughout the whole day, plus the sheets needed to be washed so that had to stay in a pile,” said Roy.
“Just the regular washing of our hands, working under the vehicles and the soap and water we use to tint windows,” said Wilson.
He said residents need to make sure there’s only a drip going to keep water flow.
“When you have hundreds and hundreds of houses with their lines wide open, it drops the pressure for the whole city.
I know with the fire department it can cause issues with not having the pressure we need on demand.” While low to no water pressure is affecting business, it’s also a problem at home.”Tuesday, we couldn’t take a bath because there was no water pressure.
Officials at Vermilion Parish Water District One said water pressure is better.
They are hoping water flow is back to normal by Saturday.

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