Madisonville subdivision plagued with persistent brown water, sediment

Tammany Utilities working on long-term solution MADISONVILLE, La.
When Timber Lane resident Dawn LeBlanc’s daughter wanted to take a bath recently, she put a white sock over the bath tub faucet to filter the water.
LeBlanc’s neighbor Paul Dusang is frustrated.
"It is frustrating," Gorden said.
"It’s frustrating for the customers, frustrating for the Tammany Utilities staff.
On Nov. 17, 2017, a letter containing an update on a project to solve the problem of sediment and brown water was sent to residents in Timber Lane subdivision.
It is not the water system in Tangipahoa Parish.
"Connecting the Bedico Creek water system to the Timber Lane and Indian Trace water system, (we’ll) be able to get a good hard flush of that water system," Gorden said.
We will work on anything else to try and ameliorate the problem."
"It takes a lot of bottled water to take a bath," Dusang said.

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