Malawi: Scottish Government Promises to Help Malawi in Water and Sanitation

Blantyre — Scottish government through University of Strathclyde has retaliated its commitment to continue assisting the country in the water and sanitation programmes.
Speaking during the stakeholder meeting at Hotel Victoria on Thursday, Director of Climate Justice Fund Water Futures Programme at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, Professor Robert Kalin said the Scottish government would continue to undertake the various water projects which they started in 2011.
"We are currently expanding the projects in our initial seven districts, thereafter will go even to 17 districts across the country.
Right now we are mapping and evaluating the results of the same project in some parts of Chikwawa where we have been working since 2011," he explained.
According to Professor Kalin, the current project involves evaluating water sources in the areas, and thereafter maintains or revamps the water sources.
Water for People, Country Director Kate Harawa expressed gratitude towards the Scottish government for implementing water projects in the country saying a lot of communities in the areas the organization was working were able to access portable water.
Southern Region Irrigation and Water Development Officer, Phideria Moyo observed that the 2030 universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 6 looks achievable to for the country, through the working coordination with countries and organisations like the Scottish government.
"Governments of Malawi and Scottish through Strathclyde University have a working relationship and we have worked together towards this call for some time now.
So the continuation of these various water projects in the country will be building on what already exists hence achieving portable water for all," she explained.

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