Malta Gardens Apartments and Mobile Home Park residents without water for days

“The neighbor next door actually told us that there was a main water break in the park,” Ash said.
In a statement, the New York State Department of Health said, "…the Malta Gardens Apartments and Mobile Home Park water system has a water main break on one of the water lines leading from their treatment plant."
Ash’s son, Tracey Ash, said he overheard staff in the Malta Gardens management office discussing a plan to turn off the water to find the leak.
“They’re going to turn the water off to find the break, that’s kind of stupid because all the lines are going to freeze,” Tracey said.
“Everyone’s going to run into troubles.” Possible troubles include hefty repair bills if the water is shut off and the pipes do freeze.
Malta Gardens Management is giving out 2 gallons of water per family per day.
The Ash family said that is not enough.
Over 48 hours after the problem began and Malta Gardens management still has not said when the water will be back on.
“I’d like to see my water back ASAP…I want to be able to shower,” Ash said.
Malta Gardens management also has not indicated how long the repairs will take.

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