Man drives hours to bring water to elephants during drought

Man drives hours to bring water to elephants during drought.
TSAVO, Kenya – For years, Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua has been helping to address the drought problem in his community.
He drives a water truck to the driest areas, hoping to provide the precious commodity for animals that need it.
This year in Tsavo, Kenya, the rainfall was particularly dismal, causing an extreme shortage of water.
Mwalua has set up a GoFundMe page in the hopes of raising enough money to meet the increased need for water.
Mwalua plans on renting more water trucks to deliver 12,000 liters (over 3,100 gallons) of water at least four times a week, every week, until the drought is over.
In the past, such drought resulted in mass deaths of wildlife.
Of particular concern to Mwalua is the death of elephants.
“Elephants are becoming endangered from poaching, and we need to save the ones we have left by providing water for them until the drought peril is over,” says Mwalua on his GoFundMe page.
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