Man walks so others can have access to clean water

Man walks so others can have access to clean water.
MARINE CITY — James Leitner is walking for water.
"I’m pulling 10 gallons of water every day," he said.
Leitner said the length of his journey — 3,200 miles — is what the average person in Tanzania will walk in a year to get water.
There also is a place on the website where people can donate to the Philadelphia Serengeti Alliance to help fund clean water projects in Tanzania.
According to the website, there are 307 broken wells in the Mara region of Tanzania that could provide clean water if they are repaired.
Most people have been friendly and supportive of his trek, Leitner said.
Leitner said he has done other water awareness events, including running 12 marathons while carrying about 45 pounds of water.
How to help James Leitner is walking 3,200 miles across North America from Princeton, New Jersey to San Francisco, California to raise awareness and money for clean water projects in the Mara region of Tanzania.
People can find out more about his cross country trek at

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