Manchester lifts water restrictions as drought condition improves

Manchester lifts water restrictions as drought condition improves.
Water sources for the Queen City are back at normal levels, prompting city officials to lift voluntary water restrictions put in place last fall.
Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas announced Monday that the Queen City would be lifting any restrictions on water use, allowing people to freely water their lawns or fill their pools.
Officials announced that Lake Massabesic in Manchester and Tower Hill Pond in Auburn are finally at full capacity after severe drought conditions led to restrictions.
“Everything will be green and spring is finally here, so it’s exciting,” Gatsas said.
The Department of Environmental Services releases an updated drought monitor map every Thursday.
The most recent map is virtually unchanged from the week before, but it shows the northern half of the state is no longer in a drought, while southern New Hampshire is still in need of more water.
Manchester Water Works runs the state’s largest water supply system, serving the Queen City and surrounding communities — an estimated 160,000 customers.
“We’re just paying attention now and making sure the lakes are up to capacity — and they are — and there’s supposed to be some more rain coming this week,” Gatsas said.
While New Hampshire could see some rain this week, experts say we would need at least average rainfall for many months to make a difference in the drought facing southern parts of the state.

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