Mayor Tony Yarber passes out bottled water

Mayor Tony Yarber passes out bottled water.
JACKSON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) – The clock is ticking.
We are now just hours away from the possibility of at least 40 thousand Jackson residents not having water.
There are staging areas where the city is passing out cases of water starting Friday at noon.
Thursday, Three-on-Your-Side caught up with Mayor Tony Yarber who was passing out water to the elderly and the indigent.
"I appreciate it," said Jackson resident Bobbie Williams.
I hope we don’t have to go any longer than the three days.
I pray not, but it will be alright."
Yarber said the city’s infrastructure problems are no secret.
"I just want to celebrate the citizens of Jackson and people around Jackson who have been coming together to make this thing as palatable as possible," added the Mayor.

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