Ministry Responds To The Worrying Rumours Regarding Harmful Bottled Water In Dubai

Dubai Municipality has responded to rumours circling social media regarding bottled water in Dubai.
The Municipality took to Twitter to rubbish the news, which stated popular brands of bottled water on sale here could be harmful to humans depending on the alkaline/acidic content.
The response included an in depth analysis of the water The ministry stated the rumours on social media are not based on scientific facts, studies or approved sources.
And the evidence to prove it… "1.
Any scientific statement must be made by persons who are competent in the field they are talking about and be supported by scientific evidence or based on recognized scientific references.
According to UAE and Gulf Standard No.
UAE.S GSO 1025: 2014 for bottled water, the pH (pH) should be between 6.5 – 8.5.
3 – The number of hydrogen in the drinking water is a quality characteristics and has no health effect.
The evidence that the standard mineral water did not specify the natural pH because it is natural water has its own acidity according to origin.
4 – All food products in the local markets are subject to the control of the Food Safety Department, either during manufacture, import or circulation and be verified that they conform to the technical regulations and specifications, laws and legislation approved.

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