Moderate drought conditions return to half of Texas

ROGERS, Texas – The Lone Star State is under a dry spell as almost half of Texas is experiencing some type of drought conditions, causing ripple effects across the state.
According the U.S. Drought Monitor, half of Texas is in moderate drought conditions.
“Some people might be a little surprised to hear that we’re in a drought, because it’s been kind of damp at times this month.
He hopes when it finally does rain, the landscape techniques he is using will help collect and store rainwater more efficiently.
His 150-acre property in Bell County has been hit hard this January.
Ninety percent of his produce had to be replanted this past week.
He normally uses a pond to irrigate the crops, but because there’s barely been any rain, the pond has dropped by almost 5 feet.
The freeze and the drought has also affected his bottom line.
“This has been a pretty tough month, but without food to sell there’s no money coming in," McConnell said.
The weather is also not helping fire risk.

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