MOL Pakistan provides clean water to rural communities

Islamabad A vast number of people in the outlying areas of Pakistan stand deprived of clean drinking water with thousands of people lacking access to this most essential need.
The oil and gas company MOL Pakistan, sensing the gravity of the situation, has taken action to overcome this issue to aid people living in its operational areas.
The exploration and production giant has made investments amounting to billions of dollars over the years in Pakistan, and also works for the goodwill of its people.
MOL Pakistan embodies caring corporatism that does not sacrifice social obligations and ethical values at the cost of monetary pursuits.
MOL Pakistan has played a vital role in the provision of clean drinking water to the underprivileged segments of Pakistani society.
Till date, the company has spent more than Rs.
90 million in executing effective water supply schemes in the most deprived districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including Karak, Hangu, Bannu and Kohat.
On account of its active presence in the area, MOL Pakistan has directly executed and funded several water supply schemes including the installation of hand pumps in several locations.
In Hangu, one of the most underdeveloped villages, Nizrab Banda, has received clean drinking water, thanks to a water supply project sponsored by MOL Pakistan.
Many villages located along the Bannu-Kohat Road have been afflicted by serious water-borne illnesses due to a lack of access to clean water.

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