Monitor, access, rejuvenate: IoT-based startups resolve to solve India’s water problem

Here are three of such startups.
The organisation provides smart water metering solutions to housing societies.
Through IoT technology, individual households are charged based on their actual consumption, thereby discouraging wastage of water.
Pollution, unavailability of reliable sources of water and unreasonably priced packaged drinking water are few of the problems faced by a whole generation living in the urban cities today, says Manas.
Approximately 30 percent of people in urban India rely on ‘bubble top’ water cans for drinking water.
Although the company is just a few months old, the impact of Prime filtered water is gaining ground.
With Elemento Aqua lake rejuvenation gets a technological push The burning Bellandur lake in Bengaluru or the frothing Hussain Sagar lake in Hyderabad— there is an urgent need to integrate technology with the lake rejuvenation projects.
Initially the lake had less than 1 milligram of oxygen per litre of water, with a visible 10-30 percent of waste cover.
Our pilot project in Ulsoor lake was a success in terms of technology.
The above mentioned organisations are few of the many startups working with the aim to solve water scarcity problems at various levels.

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