Montecito Water District uses "super-chlorinate" water before boil warning ends

Cate Gillon/Getty Images MONTECITO, Calif. – UPDATE The Montecito Water District released the following update on Tuesday, Jan. 23, regarding the state of their use of high chlorine to clean the pipes before lifting the Boil Water Advisory: The Boil Water / High Chlorine Content Notice remains in effect for most of the Montecito Water District.
In addition to indicating that water is non-potable, this notice informs the public about high chlorine content.
It is important to be aware that the Montecito Water District is in the process of super-chlorinating its water system to properly disinfect pipes in preparation for lifting the Boil Water Notice.
An elevated concentration of chlorine in a particular area is anticipated to last approximately 24 hours before being flushed out of the system and returned to normal levels.
If you are sensitive to chlorine or have any health concerns regarding the use of water with elevated levels of chlorine, it is recommended that you temporarily discontinue any use of this water and consult your health provider or the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department for more information.
Please refer to or for more information, including a map of the areas where the boil water / high chlorine content notice is in effect and locations of bottled water distribution centers.
For information on actions you should consider during and after the Boil Water Notice is lifted, please refer to information provided by the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department.
Residents are advised not to use the water for bathing, drinking, or food preparation.
You should seek medical care if skin continues to be irritated and if contact is made in sensitive areas (eyes, nose, mouth).
The water situation in Montecito is considered an emergency and it’s unclear at this time how long super-chlorinated water will be in the system.

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