New campagin to boost access to water, sanitation in four African countries

New campagin to boost access to water, sanitation in four African countries.
NAIROBI, July 23 (Xinhua) — Africa’s health charity, Amref Health Africa and the Coca Cola Africa Foundation have announced a joint venture to promote access to clean water and sanitation in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia.
According to a press release received Saturday night, Coca Cola Africa Foundation said it will provide 4.2 million U.S. dollars to help the Nairobi-based Amref Health Africa implement projects that enhances access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation to an estimated 500,000 people in the four countries.
Kenya’s Principal Secretary in the State Department of Water Services, Fred Segor hailed the new partnership saying it will have positive health and economic outcomes on local communities in the region.
"Governments in this region are keen to join alliances with charity groups to tackle an endemic water and sanitation crisis that undermines sustainable development," Segor remarked.
He noted that underserved communities in Kenya’s arid regions and urban slums will benefit from the novel program to expand access to clean water and sanitation.
The Coca Cola Africa Foundation has established a long-term partnership with Amref Health Africa to address water, sanitation and hygiene challenges in the continent through the flagship Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN).
Charity organizations have established strategic alliances with governments and industry to tackle poverty, water insecurity, diseases and ecological depletion that have escalated in a huge swathe of east and horn of Africa region.
"Lasting health and economic benefits of water, sanitation and hygiene are optimized under conditions of full and sustainable access to these services," Gitahi said.
He added that a durable solution to water and sanitation challenges in the region hinges on investments in infrastructure coupled with strengthening of national institutions alongside promotion of entrepreneurship and innovations.

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