New fees proposed to pay for California’s contaminated water problem | The Sacramento Bee

About 100 state residents who lack access to clean drinking water will head to the Capitol today and join with several lawmakers to support Brown’s proposal, which the Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Resources and Transportation will discuss during a hearing at 11 a.m. in Room 447.
"No one in this state should have to be exposed to contaminated water."
Supporters of Brown’s fund include environmental and agricultural groups who argue immediate action is necessary to save residents from contaminated drinking water.
Brown’s plan would put the State Water Resources Control Board in charge of collecting fees from residents and businesses that use public water systems.
Brown’s 2018-19 budget proposes $4.7 million to "take initial steps toward implementation" of the new fund, which includes hiring staff, developing fee collection systems and assessing how much ongoing funding may be needed to fix contaminated water systems.
Pedro Hernandez said long-term support for clean drinking water programs is needed as other funding sources, such as Proposition 1, dry up.
The Association of California Water Agencies does not support Brown’s current proposal due to its proposed tax on water users.
ACWA and more than 135 public water agencies are instead proposing an alternative funding plan to ensure clean drinking water for state residents.
"For that small fee, residents in California could help support other residents’ rights to clean drinking water," he said.
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