New water tests in Houston show presence of cancer-causing chromium 6

HOUSTON – The numbers are in and there’s no denying it: People in Houston are drinking chromium 6.
While chromium 6 can be found in small amounts across the city, the ZIP code testing highest has us returning year after year to 77099.
The EPA only requires our city to test the water for total chromium – not just chromium 6.
Houston City Council member Steve Le represents the district where numbers are elevated in Alief.
Le said.
Since our last report, the city tested the water two more times.
He assured me that he’s working on it and he’s pretty positive that we can get some kind of funding," said Le.
And he’s asked the EPA to come up with a standard for chromium 6 in tap water.
I don’t give them city water," said Akey.
Previously, the City of Houston Public Works Department released this information on chromium 6 to residents.

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