Newly Identified Climate Pattern May Have Caused California’s Drought

Dry soil in California affects this weather pattern?
Water Deeply: Does that mean soil moisture in California could predict this Wave-5 pattern, the way ocean temperatures predict El Niño?
What we are doing is just trying to find out factors like how tropical precipitation or soil moisture can affect the probability of the Wave-5.
Water Deeply: Will you be able to use this pattern to warn about the next drought?
Water Deeply: Is Wave-5 connected in any way to other weather patterns, such as El Niño?
Teng: El Niño can influence mid-latitude atmospheric circulation.
But this Wave-5 pattern is an atmospheric-intrinsic pattern.
Water Deeply: Once it forms, how long does this Wave-5 pattern last?
That’s why, during the California drought, it had this longer pattern.
Teng: We only focused on the California drought.

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