Newton County no longer under drought-level water restrictions

Along with 30 other counties, Newton County, improved from a Level 2 Drought Response to a Level 1 Drought Response.
Requirements under a Level 1 Drought Response include implementing a public information campaign on drought conditions.
Newton County, along with every other county in the state of Georgia, was placed under a Level 1 Drought Response in September (EPD).
While recent rain has brought much-needed water to reservoirs such as Lake Varner, bodies of water in the northern part of Georgia are still recovering, leaving 12 counties in Level 2 Drought Response.
“Winter rains have brought needed relief to much of the state, but Lake Lanier, the Chattahoochee River and smaller streams in the region have been slow to recover,” said EPD Director Richard Dunn.
“In comparison, lakes West Point and Walter F. George downstream from Atlanta are smaller lakes located in larger drainage areas.” During a Level 2 Drought Response, outdoor landscape watering is only allowed two days a week determined by odd and even-numbered addresses.
Prohibited outdoor water uses under a Level 2 Drought Response include: Washing hard surfaces such as streets and sidewalks.
Water for ornamental purposes, such as fountains.
Non-commercial washing of vehicles.
Non-commercial pressure washing.

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