No drinking water at Kondapur

Kondapur: People residing at Raghavendra colony don’t have access to Manjeera water for the past four years, even though the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) has laid out pipelines for the supply of water long time back.
Almost 70 apartments in the locality purchase drinking water from private establishments which would cost around Rs 800 to Rs 1000 for a tanker per day.
The water scarcity is not limited to consumption alone, as the residents have to struggle to get water for other purposes as well.
S Naga Babu, president of one of the apartments, said, “We need to purchase water every day.
Almost 5,600 people living in the apartments nearby have no other choice but to purchase water.
We purchase more than 30 tankers of water per month for each apartment.” Another resident V Sarala said that because of water problem, women in the area have to walk more than a kilometre to get drinking water from the public water taps.
“Many have met with accidents while bringing water, the way is narrow and it always has heavy traffic.” Another resident from Marthanda Nagar towards Hafeezpet said, “I travel a kilometre to get water, I work at the residents as a maid, the public water comes only for an hour in the morning and evening.
Sometimes by the time I go there, the water will get over.”

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