No drought relief forecast for July

Although recent rains have mitigated the drought conditions that have been prevalent on the north central and western sections of the state, the outlook is for drought conditions to persist in those areas.
According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, about 80 percent of South Dakota is considered to be abnormally dry or drier.
And about 13 percent of the state is experiencing a severe drought.
The rains of the last few weeks have brought relief to some parts of the eastern half of the state.
“According to data, most of eastern South Dakota received about 2 inches of rain.
But the additional rainfall in the north-central and western sections won’t be enough to prevent the drying out of those areas, especially if there are higher than normal winds.
“Drought conditions are severe.
Along with the prevailing northwesterly flow of air aloft, Clabo sees windier conditions and more dry cold fronts, neither of which will bring much rain.
Along with the drier and windier conditions will come increasing fire dangers, said Clabo.
That year, the continuing drought that began two years previously brought extreme fire danger indices and several major wildfires to the Black Hills area.

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