No more drought, but is there still a water restriction?

No more drought, but is there still a water restriction?.
(The Westfield News) – With drought conditions finally being removed in Massachusetts, water use in the city can return to normal—almost.
This change means relief for Massachusetts residents and the city, but it doesn’t mean restrictions aren’t still in place.
“It’s good news for the whole state in terms of being able to return to more normal operations,” Heather Miller, water systems engineer for Westfield, said.
Miller said that in particular, the Granville Reservoir is still full, often overflowing even with added capacity via splash boards.
However, Miller was clear that in spite of the good news Westfield residents are still under a water restriction.
And until they lift the restriction, it will continue to be in place.
As to the process of getting wells seven and eight back online, Miller said that the department is still awaiting bench scale testing on the water, which would allow them to figure out how strong the initial filtering of the water would have to be.
“We expect to see them any day now, then we can continue moving forward with design and permitting of water treatment.” She added that the city is currently going through the design process for the filtration systems, which is a carbon-based system, and that “certain things can’t be finalized until” the bench scale testing results are in.

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