Norda launches premium bottled water range for catering sector

Norda launches premium bottled water range for catering sector.
Italian bottled water brand Norda has launched a new range of products for the horeca sector under the name Norda Exclusive.
The new bottled waters are available in 0.5-litre and 1-litre bottles, designed by Treviso-based packager PET Engineering.
The design of the new Norda Exclusive range is an expression of the product’s premium market positioning, reflecting the group’s focus on innovation that has become the driving force behind its growth, PET Engineering said.
Acque Minerali d’Italia, which owns Norda, also owns the Sangemini and Gaudianello brands of bottled water.
The Norda Exclusive range has a unique and distinctive shape – not just for the catering sector, but for the mineral water market more generally.
The bottle is made up of two asymmetrical sections, each with a different shape and height, that are harmoniously joined together by a wave, which serves as a key element in terms of both structure and aesthetics.
It is this wave that becomes the common thread linking all of Norda’s PET products, the packager said.
After defining the bottle’s design, the project went on to cover prototyping and laboratory testing, in order to check the container’s mechanical performance, before going on to supply the blow moulds and manage the container’s production launch phase.
PET Engineering’s vertical expertise in the PET packaging sector – together with its innovative approach combining strategic design, engineering skills and high-quality manufacturing – allowed for the creation of packaging able to meet all of the customer’s requirements in terms of function, technical features and logistics, as well as satisfying the strategic marketing demands of Acque Minerali d’Italia.

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