Northern Alabama Removed From Drought Advisory

Northern Alabama Removed From Drought Advisory.
Every site in Norther Alabama and Southern Tennessee monitored by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) is flowing at a rate near or above average.
The consistent rainfall this week has been good for our water systems, which have spent the year recovering from the 2016 drought.
Overall, our water systems are doing so well that The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs finally lifted the Drought Advisory over Northern Alabama on May 24th.
In the last seven days Huntsville has received 2.34 inches of rain.
That leaves us with a rainfall deficit of 2.76 inches.
Huntsville’s deficit a week ago was 4.71 inches.
That means we took out 66% of the deficit in one week.
We’ll likely continue to chip away at the deficit for the rest of May.
We could see another 2 inches of rain by next Wednesday!

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